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  • 3'200.00 CHF

    The ultimate in ultralight flying is back... and it's lighter and higher performing than ever. The all new Ultralite5 features an incredible 0.8 glide performance increase and 7kmh speed increase while being 100g lighter than its predecessor. For delivery time and great final price with your special discount code, please contact us:...

    3'200.00 CHF
  • 3'400.00 CHF

    For every AD wing, we use a claim and a hashtag. For the Loco, we chose Catch me if you can and the #wackyracer. The Loco is my latest crazy invention! For delivery time and great final price with your special discount code, please contact us: (quick answer)

    3'400.00 CHF
  • 2'270.50 CHF -5% 2'390.00 CHF

    FLY WITHOUT LIMITSExpand your horizons. The new model of our mini wing will exceed all your expectations. The Roller 2 is synonymous with speed, precision and manoeuvrability, all integrated into an accessible and surprisingly versatile wing. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    2'270.50 CHF
    -5% 2'390.00 CHF
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  • 2'061.00 CHF -10% 2'290.00 CHF

    Extended range and better performance, without sacrificing the proven all-round characteristics and nature of the Mirage series – that was precisely our goal in developing the Mirage 2 RS! DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    2'061.00 CHF
    -10% 2'290.00 CHF
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  • 2'660.50 CHF -15% 3'130.00 CHF

    In collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, we have developed an ultra-light singleskin that is second to none – the PACE is the lightest paraglider with EN-B certification! DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    2'660.50 CHF
    -15% 3'130.00 CHF
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  • 2'609.50 CHF -15% 3'070.00 CHF

    Light and fast! Starting from 1 kg and 5L packed, the RONIN is our ultimate single surface to run and fly. And run. And fly. Nothing can stop you. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    2'609.50 CHF
    -15% 3'070.00 CHF
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  • 2'132.65 CHF -15% 2'509.00 CHF

    The new Rapido 3X (R3X) is an uncompromising speedwing created for intermediate-to-advanced level pilots seeking high performance and low pack-weight. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    2'132.65 CHF
    -15% 2'509.00 CHF
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  • 2'710.00 CHF

    The new version of the lightest wing in the world!Keeping in mind that the Run & Fly 2 is not always in the hands of experienced pilots, we have tried to make it even simpler. Safe take-offs, self stabilization, great handling with good glide and a soft landing. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    2'710.00 CHF
  • 3'260.00 CHF

    After the Swoops XP and the Rafale, Nervures launches a new project of fast sail with strong glide. - Says Pierre, what is the YOLO for?   - The YOLO ... it's useless but we had so much fun with it that we had to release it!Fun and amusing DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    3'260.00 CHF
  • 3'563.00 CHF

    Lightweight, Compact, Fun The new LiteSpeed 3 combines light weight, dynamic handling, and an efficient design into an agile wing with low pack-volume. It has made us fall in love with mini-wings all over again! DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    3'563.00 CHF
  • 3'140.00 CHF

    Ultralight with a double-surface Combination of materials and internal structure to guarantee the optimum balance between lightness and durability. For delivery time and great final price with your special discount code, please contact us: (quick answer)

    3'140.00 CHF
  • 1'997.50 CHF -15% 2'350.00 CHF

    The Rapido 3 is a turbocharged evolution of the Rapi-Dos. It delivers significantly improved speed and power with the same stability and comfort as its predecessor. It is designed specifically for performance pilots who need the ultimate in speed and swoop performance. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    1'997.50 CHF
    -15% 2'350.00 CHF
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  • 2'240.00 CHF -20% 2'800.00 CHF

    The fun machine. Energetic. Direct. The TONIC2 is the fun machine in our mini-wing range. The super-compact wing with short span and short lines is aimed at those who like to soar in strong winds or close to the slope. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    2'240.00 CHF
    -20% 2'800.00 CHF
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  • 3'110.01 CHF -17% 3'747.00 CHF

    Lightweight wings are trendy! I would like to introduce you to a glider that many have been waiting for: The SOLA: a low level A wing: maximum safety, damping and simplicity paired with minimum weight. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    3'110.01 CHF
    -17% 3'747.00 CHF
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  • 3'053.35 CHF -21% 3'865.00 CHF

    The PI 3 comes in two additional sizes (21 and 25), with completely new lines and is even lighter and more compact than ever before. The «Light Versatility» product motto deserves even more attention. Size 21, 23 and 25 white in stock DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    3'053.35 CHF
    -21% 3'865.00 CHF
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  • 2'285.10 CHF -10% 2'539.00 CHF

    Fast as the wind - Miniwing for alpine adventures and competitions Blizzard is the successor of our brilliant Reinhold II, the paraglider which marked the beginning of the SKYMAN idea of ultra-light equipment for Hike & Fly and high alpine bivouacs. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    2'285.10 CHF
    -10% 2'539.00 CHF
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  • 2'241.00 CHF -10% 2'490.00 CHF

    La SKIN 3 est prête! La nouvelle Skin 3 réunit le meilleur des technologies double surfaces et mono: pour la première fois, une voile monosurface offre des caractéristiques et un confort de vol comparables à ceux d'un parapente classique: confortable, stable, efficace. Délai : Contactez-nous : (réponse rapide)

    2'241.00 CHF
    -10% 2'490.00 CHF
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  • 2'511.00 CHF -10% 2'790.00 CHF

    SKIN 3 is ready!The new Skin 3 P is the lightest model in the Plume series ever produced. A new generation of single-surface wing designed for those who take walking and flying and paralpinism to the extreme. The Skin 3 P is more agile and versatile than ever. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    2'511.00 CHF
    -10% 2'790.00 CHF
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  • 3'286.40 CHF -20% 4'108.00 CHF

    The Universal Wing The VIOLA is an extremely versatile lightweight paraglider: 5 sizes covering a weight range from 50 to 145kg, from the certified miniwing up to an easy hike and fly wing for heavy pilots. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    3'286.40 CHF
    -20% 4'108.00 CHF
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  • 2'848.00 CHF -11% 3'200.00 CHF

    The XXLite 2 is a single-surface ultra-lightweight mountain wing designed for serious Hike & Fly pilots and alpinists. This all-new wing delivers significantly improved performance and handling with a higher trim speed and easier landing, compared to its predecessor. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    2'848.00 CHF
    -11% 3'200.00 CHF
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  • 2'977.32 CHF -14% 3'462.00 CHF

    That’s the smallest EN/LTF-B Glider in the world! Originally, the goal was to have a simple design with the best performance possible. This is how the concept name was derived DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    2'977.32 CHF
    -14% 3'462.00 CHF
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  • 2'640.20 CHF -14% 3'070.00 CHF

    The Ultralight Flying Object! Five years after the original one, this new version is crammed with technology to be safer and even more fun. The New Airdesign UFO 2 - Beam me up! DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    2'640.20 CHF
    -14% 3'070.00 CHF
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