Shipments and returns

The name, the Anemos company and Pierre-Alain Hayoz is shown in abbreviated form in the text below as PSAPAH.


Products are shipped all over the world to the delivery address given when the order is made and in line with the time schedule shown on the page for each product.

We do our best to respect the shortest possible deadlines, but we are dependent on the various suppliers (brands) featured in our online shop.

The exact delivery time for products stocked by suppliers varies between 5 to 10 working days for Switzerland and may be a few days longer for other countries.

If shipment is delayed, we will inform you of any changes to the original delivery schedule by e-mail. 

When shipments are made by a transporter, PSAPAH cannot be held responsible for a delay in delivery solely due to the customer's absence or a lack of availability when different time slots have been proposed.

Postage costs are calculated according to the contract price for the country of delivery.

Postage is free for purchases equal to or over 1000 CHF.


In compliance with Swiss consumer regulations, PSAPAH reserves the right to refuse returns and the right to cancellation for all equipment.

Shipments to destinations outside Switzerland

Equipment shipped outside Switzerland is exempt from Swiss VAT. Customs fees and VAT in the destination country are to be paid by the client.