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    Handling to the power of two It’s time for a new interpretation of flying tandem. The PASSENGER 2 brings the agile solo handling to the two seater class for the first time – high turn propensity with low control pressure are making the PASSENGER 2 a very efficient work tool for every tandem pilot. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick...

    3'915.99 CHF
    -15% 4'607.05 CHF
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    Follow your Vision The VISION is a superlative high-performance intermediate wing. At the upper limit of the B-class this superb glider offers a new level of performance-oriented fun factor. With an unmet glide performance of 11.6 the B-class wing enables epic cross country adventures with guaranteed success. Delivery time: in stock at the supplier

    3'745.36 CHF
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  • 3'574.73 CHF -15% 4'205.56 CHF

    With low weight across the country The CROSSROCK is a lightweight travel-wing suitable for every day. It combines small pack volume with performance-oriented flight calmness. A hybrid of lightweight and everyday-glider, that offers high comfort even on extensive routes. Delivery time: in stock at the supplier

    3'574.73 CHF
    -15% 4'205.56 CHF
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