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  • 3'830.67 CHF -15% 4'506.68 CHF

    Probably still the finest tandem paraglider available today The predecessor, our K2 2was often described by experienced tandem pilots as the most versatile, fun and lively tandem wing on the market. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    3'830.67 CHF
    -15% 4'506.68 CHF
    Reduced price!
  • 3'694.67 CHF -10% 4'105.19 CHF

    THE DELIGHT OF FREE FLIGHT We are introducing the new Kibo² which comes as the successor of the very successful intermediate glider, the Kibo. All sorts of technical refinements have been implemented, which makes our hybrid three liner a fun to fly glider with decent performance and high passive safety. DELIVERY TIME Contact us:

    3'694.67 CHF
    -10% 4'105.19 CHF
    Reduced price!
  • 3'893.41 CHF -10% 4'326.01 CHF

    The Lhotse² is the second generation of our very successful EN-B wing in lightweight construction. It is based on the Kibo² and thanks to its light weight construction, it is the perfect companion for all H&F, bivouac, and travel adventures. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    3'893.41 CHF
    -10% 4'326.01 CHF
    Reduced price!
  • 4'137.81 CHF -15% 4'868.01 CHF

    We positioned the Kangri at the top end of the B-category on purpose. Our vision, to create a lightweight glider with the best possible glide and speed on bar is setting a new benchmark in its class. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    4'137.81 CHF
    -15% 4'868.01 CHF
    Reduced price!
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