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  • 3'015.00 CHF -10% 3'350.00 CHF

    The Sir Edmund Shark is Skyman's most powerful single skin. Its new concept as a hybrid single skin with 20% double sail opens up new ways to make it a fully-fledged paraglider for more than just hike and fly! The Shark is perfect for thermalling and short cross-country flights. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    3'015.00 CHF
    -10% 3'350.00 CHF
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  • 460.00 CHF

    Light, so strong and yet so comfortable: the new ultra-light harness for walking and flying, the Tanga. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    460.00 CHF
  • 2'285.10 CHF -10% 2'539.00 CHF

    Fast as the wind - Miniwing for alpine adventures and competitions Blizzard is the successor of our brilliant Reinhold II, the paraglider which marked the beginning of the SKYMAN idea of ultra-light equipment for Hike & Fly and high alpine bivouacs. DELIVERY TIME Contact us: (quick answer)

    2'285.10 CHF
    -10% 2'539.00 CHF
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  • 2'421.00 CHF -10% 2'690.00 CHF

    The lightest single-skin prevails in gliding performance, handling and stability. Sir Edmund 3 can do without a supporting strut in its centre. Compared to its predecessor it is lighter and with its completely optimised canopy the gliding performance as well as its flight behaviour got improved significantly. Delivery time: in stock at the supplier

    2'421.00 CHF
    -10% 2'690.00 CHF
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